How To Spot Unhealthy Fast Weight Loss Diets – Fast Weight Loss Diets

What Are Fast Weight Loss Diets? And Why Are They So Popular?

Did you know that by the year 2050 it’s predicted that obesity will affect more than 50% of the world’s population? That’s the primary reason the age of dietary fads and quick-fix, fast weight loss diet schemes has become even more wildly popular than predicted. From the cabbage soup diet to Quantum Wellness, to the 48 Hour Miracle diet, every single one of these programs claim to promote fast weight loss and accelerated metabolic activity.

But can they really help you to Lose Weight? Sometimes… but other than helping you to achieve fast water weight loss of 1-2lbs, the vast majority of dieters have experienced very little weight loss reduction from these fad diets… usually, just 1-2lbs before hitting a plateau after about three weeks.

Fast Weight Loss Diets: The Good…The Bad… And The Ugly

What’s even more disturbing is once a dieter stops eating these fast weight loss diet meals, their weight quickly rebounds and they regain all the weight they lost, and then some.

And there are other questions to consider… Are celebrity fad diets free of risk? Can they harm your health? What are the long term implications of these fast weight loss diets programs?

While it may be true that some of these fad diets can help dieters experience quick weight loss, most are not healthy for long term use… and cannot be continued for more than a week or two.

Many of these fad diet programs deprive your body of the essential nutrients needed for all of your body’s systems to function effectively. Many fast weight loss diet programs involve cutting your calorie intake to less than 1000 calories per day– essentially, cutting your calories to less than half of the recommended daily nutritional allowance.

Add to that, intense exercise routines and endless calorie counting, most of these diets are likely to leave you feeling weak, fatigued and unable to concentrate very well. And even more concerning, they can prevent important systems of your body from working efficiently. All of which are bad for your overall health.

Fast Weight Loss Diets: How To Spot The Fad Diet

Fad diets are actually quite easy to spot. Most fad diets offer immediate, quick-fix solutions for your weight problems that are:

  • Too good to be true claims
  • Without any clinical case studies to support their claims
  • Promoting elimination of one or more of the five recommended food groups

When choosing a weight loss program or weight loss supplement, it’s essential to thoroughly analyze them before including them in your diet. If there are no clinical studies or proof that they can produce real and safe weight loss results, then more often than not they probably don’t work. One clinically proven method that actually does work to accelerate weight loss is the all natural supplement Proactol. Many people are achieving significant weight loss with this natural supplement.